2019: Could this be the year of independence?

2019: Could this be the year of independence?

So, 2019 has arrived and a very happy New Year to you all! With the beginning of a new year, independence-minded folk across Scotland are looking to the Scottish Government to make haste and get the official campaign underway. Others urge caution, to keep the powder dry until some kind of clarity emerges from the shambolic Brexit train-wreck. Whatever happens, the job for Yes Ross & Sutherland has not changed: make the case for independence and win the support of our undecided neighbours. Our campaign is already well underway and continuing apace. Leafleting routes are well travelled, our boots are worn and the sight of a YRS bannered street stall is far from unusual in towns along the Cromarty Firth and beyond. But this is not the time to rest on our laurels. 2019 will very likely be a hugely important moment in Scottish history, so we must build on our successes and think big for the future of our campaign and for the future of Scotland.

To this end, YRS is planning a Day of Action on the 26th of January. We aim to be on the streets in as many towns and villages across our area as we can manage. We’ll be leafleting, manning stalls and handing out free copies of the National newspaper (which will be running an article on us) during the day. And in the evening there will be a party in the Alness golf clubhouse with live music to give everyone a chance to relax, have a drink and get to know others in the group (more info and tickets here). In the run-up to this event and in the months to come, local teams will be setting up in our towns and villages. These teams will be semi-autonomous, with their own structures and ways of working, coordinating with each other through, and supported by, the wider YRS group. This network will be adaptable and quick to react and should allow us to significantly ramp up our operations.

The time has come for Scotland to wake up to the fact that our future within the UK looks bleak. The current direction of travel will see us all poorer, both financially and in spirit. As Little Britain closes in on itself, rejecting workers from the EU (that many of our industries badly need) in favour of chlorinated chicken from the US, Scotland can choose a different path. This is a path that we will need to take soon, if we are to take it at all. This is not news to us, as members of an Indy campaign group we are all well aware that Scotland can do far better. But there are many out there who remain unconvinced, perhaps worried by the prospect of going it alone. Our next set of leaflets shows very clearly that Scotland has tremendous resources which give our country enormous potential. It’s time to get this message out there and let everyone know that we are not chained to the unfolding calamity of Westminster’s Brexit negotiations.

On the 19th of January YRS will be holding a members meeting in Hilton of Cadboll in Easter Ross to report on what’s been happening, share news of upcoming events and plan for the future. Members will receive emails soon with more information, but if you’ve not yet signed up with us, why not come along to our meeting and find out what we are about? Get in touch via our Contact Us page and we’ll let you know the details. Likewise, if you are keen to help out on the 26th and/or join us for the evening, you don’t have to be a member. Contact us and we’ll let you know how you can help, and feel free to book a ticket for the party using the earlier link. We look forward to seeing you there!

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