Brexit mess has gone far enough

Brexit mess has gone far enough

Two paragraphs in this article particularly caught my attention.

A C Grayling thinks this Brexit mess has gone far enough
Someone needs to take a stand!


The first is this one. It encapsulates something people who understand how the EU works have been saying ad nauseam. It is something the MSM (including the BBC) seem incapable of comprehending.

The one and only thing May has ever said that has any genuine content is, “Brexit is Brexit”. She is right; there is no hard, soft, lite, open, or any other kind of Brexit. Why? Because the idea of a ‘Soft (lite, open, etc) Brexit’ is a nonsense. Access to the benefits of association with EU cannot come without observing EU conditions and requirements across a significant range of issues.

The second paragraph is this. Perceptive and expressed well except for the fact that we do not have a constitution – or at least a written one. I have to admit, however, that I just do not see it happening.

And then we could turn to the serious issue exposed by the debacle we are living through: the urgent need for reform of our constitution and of our electoral system; the urgent need to address the lack of transparency surrounding the way big money and partisan interests hijack our democratic order; the urgent need to punish the tabloids for outright lies and manipulations; the urgent need to hold to account such election behaviour as the implied promise of £350 million a week to the NHS – a lying promise soliciting votes, which should be punishable as any fraud is punishable.


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