Itinerary for Bus to Glasgow on the 16th

Itinerary for Bus to Glasgow on the 16th

This should be a great day of hope, great passion, entertainment and all with one great connection under the YES family.

Given the attacks on our devolved parliament this week it is imperative to have a good turn out for this event.
Our group will be joining the March leaving Holland St at 10.00am and we will march under the joint banner of YES Ross & Sutherland & YES Highland. All are welcome to join us on this basis.
The March will the join the HoF RALLY in Freedom Square.
So, for the BUS that we are running:
Departs from MORRISONS CAR PARK, Millburn Rd Inverness – 06:00 am Departure (Sharp)
Please have ALL TICKETS with you. No TICKET No Travel (Sorry!)
We will stop briefly at Broxden for refreshments/comfort break
ETA Charing Cross, Glasgow – 09:45am for assembly and March Holland St 10:00am
The time will be confirmed with the driver, but due to driver hours, the departure time will be approx 03:00pm (also to allow for traffic leaving the Freedom Square event)
We will also arrange the pick up point with the driver on the day.
Please let us have a contact mobile number readily identifiable with your name, so we have a means of getting in touch. That’s it really
For the rest have a great day and lets get the message out there loud and clear!! See you Saturday

Saor Alba Gu Brath
Graham Bell
Yes Ross & Sutherland

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