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In the interest of safety and in line in with Scottish Government guidance, YRS is not currently pursuing its usual community activities such as leafleting and street stalls.

However, YRS is very much active still, through online chat, meetings and talks with and for members, and in helping build the fastgrowing regional and national Yes coordination networks. We are busy promoting and preparing for the next big step to national independence!

By the time society is back to non-Covid normality, Scotland will be well on the way to the normality of being independent once more.


AUOB Yes Independence March, Edinburgh 5th October 2019

Kieran Grant

Edinburgh 2019 was my First Independence March, having only joined Ross and Sutherland a few weeks previously while still in Dingwall Academy, though having supported Independence for as long as I can remember.

I can certainly say it won’t be my last, the feeling of togetherness of people young and old from all four corners of Scotland and beyond was emotional to say the least. You won’t get that feeling and experience anywhere else.

I remember saying to myself, this is something special. No where else have I gone knowing only a few and come back knowing so many.

I think all members can agree that it was amazing to be part of the biggest independence march to date, even better through the heart of the capital.

AUOB Yes Independence March, Perth 7th September 2019

And we would hardly have gone unnoticed, with about 20,000 going past well-populated areas, down into the centre and through to the North Inch by the Tay, and no doubt into the all-important local media. It has been suggested that there were more police than usual, but if so, they weren’t intrusive.

Read full report on the day here…

AUOB Yes Independence March, Aberdeen 17 August 2019

We marched the length of Union Street, still the focal thoroughfare for Aberdeen, even if now more for access to the malls on side streets than a shopping mecca itself. At one point the Yes march filled the street along its length and in its breadth, neither noted for being small. AUOB say over 12,000 of us; it would be easy to believe a higher figure

Read full report on the day here…

Yes Ross Sutherland are proud to be a member of the Yes Highlands & Islands network. YH&I has grown from the earlier Yes Highland of Yes ForresYes NairnInverYessLochYessYes LochaberYes Skye & Lochalsh and Yes Caithness to now stretch with multiple Yes groups from Orkney to Kintyre, and from the Western Isles to Moray.

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