Promoting the Indy apps

Promoting the Indy apps

We are very lucky in the YES movement to have two superb apps at our disposal The IndyApp from NYR and Yes2Hub, both serving different purposes and complimenting each other perfectly. From news and analysis to communications we have it covered. These apps are of no good if we don’t all download and use them. 


Yes2 Hub is a social media platform promoting independence for Scotland, allowing you to easily follow and get notifications of the latest articles from pro-indy sites including Wings Over Scotland, Bella Caledonia, Newsnet Scotland and more.
The hub also cover livestreams by Independence Live & podcasts from the likes of Lesley Riddoch & Michael Greenwell.

In addition you can also follow other users and groups and create your own feed. The events section is especially useful for both promoting your events and finding any other events in your area.

Get the app on Google PLay


A networking app that will show you all registered groups (around 125 I believe) and after registering as a user will let you join any group or groups that appeal to you. The app has a messenger that will allow in group chat and in addition each group will have a couple of editors that can communicate with all other group editors via an editors forum. The app will also store useful group information such as events and campaigns.

Get the app on Google Play

Both of these apps not only deserve our support but will, I’m sure become essential tools when the next Indyref is called but we need to use them and build them now in preparation.

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