The Canvass Tool

The Canvass Tool

This app is designed to help Yes groups in Scotland identify and consolidate support.

If you have ever canvassed an area using pencil and paper, you will know what a pain it can be. From wind and rain damage to data analysis, hours can be wasted. It is our hope the canvass tool will become an asset to the ongoing campaign.


Download the app documentation.

Canvass Tool Doc's

now optimized for both tablet and mobile.



Please report any issues / suggestions for improving the app to myself at the address below.


A statement on Data Protection is included in the app and any group using the app must undertake to follow this statement. Each group is individually responsible for the security of any data they collect.

Guidance on Data Protection can be found here:


What if I enter an incorrect email address.

Occasionally problems can occur with email, the app gets round this by storing a backup of any data that is emailed. The back up file is stored in the devices local drive\Canvass Tool\Backup and will be in the format CanvassData <User><FileNo>.csv


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